Just as God's earth comes alive again in the spring, we too have the opportunity to cast off the heavy baggage that winter days have laid upon us and to seek the renewal of hope.  To know that new days are dawning....the son is shining....and healing and new growth can and will take place.  Just look at a tiny seed.....it must be covered in dirt, be watered and have sunshine to grow.  We, like the seed, seem to be covered in dirt sometimes......the circumstances of this life seem to envelop us and at times we cannot even seem to breath, then we feel the gentle watering of the Spirit and the warmth of the Son and before long we are able to push through the dirt and become new.   

May is Mental Health Awareness month and we at Hope House know through our own experiences in life that all of us at one time or another have had a mental health crisis.  We have experienced as individuals the loss of loved ones, the unpredictability of what life can throw at us, depression, anxiety and yet we know that there is hope and healing.  Our counselors are highly trained in their professions and they have an added bonus to aid them in their work - the power of prayer to lead and guide them as they work with individuals who are struggling to once again renew or find that hope for their lives.

Making that call may be one of the hardest actions you have ever done...It takes great courage to recognize that you indeed need help to sort out and work through what is going on in your life.  Don't hesitate one more minute...make that call today......let your healing begin.


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