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Hope House

Christian Counseling Center

            Truly Affordable 

Licensed Professional Counseling in a Christian Setting

"Changing lives through the love of Christ, one heart at a time."

                Hope....... how one small word can change your whole life.  When life seems hopeless due to

      circumstances that can seem to overwhelm you and make you feel like you will never again get back to life

      as it was before.  Before the loss of your loved one, before the loss of your marriage, before the loss of your

     joy and happiness, before the loss of your vision that tomorrow can and will get better, before the feeling

     that if God is real then why can't I feel HIm right now.

                Hope is the feeling that there will be brighter days ahead, that you will once again be able to breathe                  without it hurting, that you once again will "feel" the love of God in and through you, that you will once

      again feel the "sonshine" in your life.

               Hope is like a seed, it takes being planted and then watered and cared for.  It begins as a fleeting

        thought and then before you know it, hope has once again taken root in your soul and you begin to

        believe that I may not be able to regain what I had "before" life happened but I can truly once again

        feel hopeful and find joy in my life. 

                Let Hope House help you to begin to feel that hope again.  Let the counselors nurture and cultivate

         that hope.  Give us a call and let the healing begin!!