Truly Affordable 

Licensed Professional Counseling in a Christian Setting

"Changing lives through the love of Christ, one heart at a time."

Could this possibly be the picture of the same thing?

Yes, it is! 

God can take something that is not pretty and turn it into

a beautiful thing!


Lord, the fact of the matter is I'm struggling.

As a matter of fact, I'm anxious, confused, fearful.

I hate the mess in my life.  

There's so much I can't conrol.

It's so frustrating!

I don't want my faith to weaken!

  So send your Holy Spirit.

Rescue me from myself.

Forgive my sins.

Restore in me salvation's joy.

Come, live in me anew,

  You will never abandon me.

  I will trust your promise.

You are my refuge and strength,

  an ever-present help

   in all my times of trouble.  Amen

Let Hope House

be an avenue of God's healing

for you.  

Hope House is a non-profit ministry.  We need your help.  If you feel God is calling you to support this ministry we have added a Donate button. God bless you for your giving!!!

Like a speed bump in the drive-through,

a decision lies in our path,

placed there by God to remind us hope is a choice.

Choosing to live as people of hope

is not to diminish or belittle pain and suffering or

lie about evil's reality. 

Rather it is to cling to God's promise that He will make all things new.

Hope House

Christian Counseling Center