Hope House has been such a God-send for me and my family. After wasting over a year with other counselors and finding that driving over an hour to another counselor was prohibiting us from progressing as quickly as we needed, we were in a crisis mode.  

Our family had been through a terrible trauma and our teenager was lost as were we.  Our lives had been devastated in every area.  We found ourselves in a state of utter chaos that we could not get out of on our own.  We trusted God and we found Hope House and committed to counseling as often as we could.

Since the counseling began, we have all seen a change in ourselves and our teenager is finding herself and her true identity in Christ.  

It will be a longer journey than what we expected, but we are more open and honest and our counselor is truly a servant of the Lord.  I have had to dig up an incredible amount of painful traumas in my life and some were so awful that I didn't realize they were not my fault.  So many mistakes I made were from a place of deep pain and suffering and I have fought and invested so many hours into trying to figure out why I did some of the things I did when I was younger.  It's starting to make sense and I don't feel the deep shame of things that I blamed myself for.

Counseling is not a quick fix.  It is an investment that is well worth the time.  If you feel that you cannot make sense of things and are overwhelmed by life, counseling eases the burden and allows you to focus on growth, rather than the after effects that trauma and abuse brings.

Ladies "Pampering' Day  Thursday, May 30th

What if you stopped letting fear dictate your decisions?  What if you made that phone call to Hope House today to let the healing begin?

Hope House

Christian Counseling Center

 I recently lost my wife to cancer.  I blamed myself, I felt God was punishing me for something I may have done in this life.  I struggled to find the answers in the Bible..WHY???  All I could see was sin, death and despair.  I was sure I was going to lose my mind.  I reached out to Hope House.  I wished I would have went sooner, I now feel a sense of peace and hope that I'd lost.  They have reassured me of God's everlasting love!  Sure I still grieve, but now I know God does all things for a greater purpose than I can imagine.  Thanks to Hope House for reassuring me of that!!!

I am thankful for Hope House.  I can bring my loved one to a Christian counseling program that is close to home.  I don't have to drive two hours to a city and put up with aggressive traffic problems.  Best of all, is the Christian atmosphere of love and godliness.